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Master Bedroom/Bath remodel

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HI all - I'm taking two bedrooms and an old bath and doing a new master suite. I've landed on a layout that walks through the large close to get to the master bath. All the windows in this layout are existing and new in a brick house. The wall between the bedroom and the closet/shower is load bearing and could be opened / moved but with a lot of effort.

I have now attached the original / base design. The original master was on 'top' in these views and the original master bath has a cavernous 1950's shower and a functional vanity / toilet. The window in these room (old bath / new poop room) is the only window that is suitable for over a vanity or countop and is about 45" from the floor. All the other windows - all of them - are about 30" from the floor to the bottom and to about 9" from the ceiling.

Note that i have already demo'd the two closets and in process of gutting the lower bedroom and adding some power to the front porch.

So ...

A) I'd love feedback / ideas from the great folks i see on here.

B) I would like to put a soaking tub in the steam shower, but have seen very little about how to do the wetroom and seal the tub drain in there. Anybody ever do it ?

C) Ideas for the very deep closet ? coat closet facing the hall and utility closet in the poop room ? Cramped stackable w/d facing hte hall and more room in the closet ?

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