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Mixed results with meal delivery service

l pinkmountain
3 months ago

So early on this year, I was reflecting on how I might improve my life situation in 2024. As a thought exercise, I used a technique I learned from Barbra Sher in the book, "Wishcraft." I thought about and described what my "ideal day" would be like. Well . . . in my ideal day, I don't have to cook dinner, someone serves it to me and cleans up after it. The reason is that I almost always get a second wind in the afternoon and I really resent having to stop mid project and cook dinner. I also am getting to dislike meal planning because my husband eats what I cook for dinner, and when I ask him what he wants he almost never has any ideas, "whatever" is his stock reply, but then he rolls his eyes if I serve left overs or something vegetarian he doesn't like. He doesn't realize that even though as a COURTESY to him I cook and eat meat, I don't like to, I prefer vegetarian food. He thinks since vegetarianism isn't the norm, that meat eating isn't a burden or a compromise. He has a singular perspective. But then complains about tofu and lentils, both of which are a delicious and perfectly normal part of a vegetarian diet.

Well I'm not going to get my personal vegetarian chef, but I thought maybe trying one of the meal delivery services might at least add a little fun to meal times. I called a friend who has been doing it for years with Blue Apron, she encouraged me to try. I chose "Dinnerly" because it was less expensive and I was not interested in meals being delivered pre-made wrapped in beaucoup plastic. Dinnerly seemed the most local and least packaged.

So far I have liked the meals a lot but am probably going to cancel. Hubs thought the whole thing was silly and a waste of money. I enjoyed not having to think much about dinner. I was able to get some items I wouldn't buy in the store because I would have had to buy larger sizes and don't have the storage space. I enjoyed the convenience of having everything pre-measured.

Still, just too much plastic, although not dramatically more than the way things are mostly at a grocery store. Try as I do, it is pretty hard to avoid plastic food containers. About 75% of the produce was sealed in plastic. Not all, but most. In the store I have to use the plastic produce bags, even though I wash them and re-use some of them, so that wasn't a lot different. Little individually packaged dry goods and sauces, as opposed to larger bulk containers, but still would be mostly plastic. Hubs didn't much care for the vegetarian options but he is very negative. But in the middle of the week he said he wanted chili, which was not on the menu, so we had to eat separate that night. Weeks go by and he has no request, and then all of a sudden he wants chili with meat in it. I get it, he just doesn't like to eat vegetarian, despite his saying otherwise. Only once and a while, not on a regular basis. I feel the opposite, meat is OK once and a while but not on a regular basis. Yes of course I know how to make stuff that can just have additional meat added. Just more cooking for me and I don't enjoy cooking, just the eating part!

Does anyone use a book that describes how to make your own vegetarian meal kits? That was another thought I had, maybe making my own kit on Sundays. I also thought about hiring someone to come in once a week and do meal prep for me. Anyone ever tried that? I think it would be hard to find someone who could do vegetarian around here. I have a classmate who does that kind of thing, but she's a big meat eater, farm girl who does fantastic traditional foods but I would say probably not into lentils and tofu . . .

I could come up with my own meal kits, but I really would love not to have to spend a lot of brain power/energy on thinking about this. That's what I liked about Dinnerly, giving my cooking/meal planning brain a rest. I have plenty of other things to occupy my brain right now.

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