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Floor Plan Advice for a family of 6?

Victoria Murray
3 months ago

Well, my last floor plan got totally torn to shreds on here so I’m starting from scratch 😂 I am looking for any floor plan recommendations for a family of 6. We currently have one toddler and plan to have 3 more. We will be building on family property, so this will be a long-term house. we will also be building on an unfinished basement. Best views are in the front of the house - we are on a slight hill in the mountains of Virginia. We want to stay around 2600ish square feet, possibly up to 2800.
My only must haves are a nice mudroom with locker/drop off area and a playroom off of main living areas. I hear people say playrooms don’t get used all the time on here, BUT we have one now and I couldn’t live without that. We homeschool in there, we play toys, I can supervise will I cook. It is definitely a priority for me while raising small kids! Other than that, we want a decent master with an additional 3 bedrooms. I don’t have any particular preference for single-story vs. two story. I’d love to see any practical layouts that work well with both young kids and grown kids. Thanks in advance! Pic of our land included below, too!

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