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Landmark Shingles: Burnt Sienna or Black

Thomas Schmitt
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Struggling to decide between what is apparently the only two color options available per my roofer, Burnt Sienna or Moire Black. I'd have preferred red to go with the brick trim and give it a Santa Barbara vibe, but I guess we only have these two color options. I don't think either are great with current wall and trim colors, but to me the black has some versatility in terms of painting over the brick trim dark for a clean, modern look (and minimal add'l cost). Conversely, even though it's a warm tone like red, I don't think Burnt Sienna (a) quite matches the red brick trim, nor (b) goes well against a cool-toned bright white. What do you think in terms of aesthetics, and/or curb appeal?

Keep in mind I'd paint the door to match.

Current Old Roof:

Landmark Burnt Sienna:

Landmark Moire Black:

Moire Black with trim painted dark:

Moire Black with a mix of trim painted white and dark:

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