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Lighting help with this HIGH ceiling!

Pam Fisher
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I had to stitch together two views to get everything in from each direction. They don't quite line up, but you get the idea. I really don't need help with anything but ideas for ambient lighting. The three white track lights came with the house, as did the one recessed spotlight above the bar cabinet in the first photo. Those can go. You can just see the white ceiling fan that is attached at the very peak of the ceiling between the beams. I took the photo before the sun was fully up, so you can see the room and also get an idea of how dark it is at night.

We've lived with just the table lamps and little globe lights on top of the high bookcases, but this year, I REALLY want to do something to fill in the ambient light for winter. I've been reading that a room of this scale should be "layered" with light: Ambient light, area light, and task light. I think we've got the task light covered, but could really use some help with the others.

The track lights need to come down and be replaced with something more modern, and I'm trying to figure out how to keep the circluation of that ceiling fan, and still add a layer of ambient light. Would simple pendant lights at each end of those beams work? How would a single statement chandelier work with/around a ceiling fan? I've yet to see a combination fan/light that would work in this room.

That's a 10' Christmas tree, just barely brushing the ceiling at this end...

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