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How high to hang hallway pendant lights with tall ceiling?

Jeff Rozz
6 years ago

Hi all,

We have a long tall hallway, see the attached pic. The height of the beams where the pendants will hang from is 13 feet. There will be 5 pendants. The flat ceiling on the left is 8 ft. The far beam on the left is probably 10.5 feet tall. At the end of the hallway on the right is the kitchen and on the left is the dining room. The pendants will hang every other beam (the second one is right before the first skylight in the picture). The white cap is the fire sprinkler. Is it ok if they hang below the tall beam on the left or should it be above it. Should they be clear glass or could they be a metal downlight? Suggested size and shape would be helpful too. Thanks!

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