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Patterned Daylilies 2023

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Show us your pretty patterned daylilies here. A patterned daylily is one that exhibits different colors or variations in hue, value, or saturation in such a way that a design is created. The definition includes, but is not limited to, regular repeating patterns (e.g. flowers exhibiting concentric rings orfeathering of color within the eyezone or elsewhere). You may include applique patterns here. Although the American Daylily Society has expanded its definition of pattern to include stippling, streaking or stripes, we will have a separate category for those. The next category will be Polychromes on Friday.

Blue Swallowtail

Boundary Born

Core Values

Entwined in the Vine

Fully Charged

Ghost Gifts

Mystical Intuition

Rainbow Maker

Ripples and Reflections

Tides Roll In

Yoga Man


Aerial Applique

Aerial Applique


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