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Toilet swap mess!

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Help! We should have known better than to think any changes in this house would be simple LOL! We pulled out the toilet to put in a new one (old one was OLD and running & we couldn't get parts to fix it). Do you have any tips/tricks for how we might secure the closet flange to the floor? The material around the pipe is crumbling away if we try to secure into it as is (also had to get a flexible flange to work around the bump in the pipe). Are we in trouble here? Time to call in the experts? We're in CT & I'm fairly confident the original toilet position no longer meets code, so I'm not sure if a plumber could even return a new toilet to the original position or if we'll be forced into a larger reno?Happy Thanksgiving to us (ugh)! (But also to you for real!)
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