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Backsplash for wall bump out

last month

We have a bump out on a wall in the kitchen. It is a spot where the main part of the house meets an addition at the back (likely used to be a mudroom). It is immediately to the right of the range, so we would like to continue backsplash on it. a few questions:

How high to go with the backsplash on the bump out? I am thinking we would keep the same height as the bottom of the microwave over the range. We are thinking to put a couple of open wooden shelves on the bump out above backsplash.

The left side of the bump out is 6 inches deep. Right side is 3 inches deep. We will be using a 2.5 x 8 inch subway tile in a brick layout. Should we keep the brick layout for the sides of the bumpout, which could be finicky) or cut to size and stack for those parts?

Upper cabinet to the left of the bumpout was installed a bit higher for a couple of reasons - we have appliances on that part of the counter and the ceiling in that section is lower. We couldn't continue the stacked cabinets we have elsewhere, so we aligned that cabinet with the top of the pantry cupboard next to it. Should we continue the tile up to the bottom of that cabinet or keep an even line with bottom of cabs and microwave on the right? (Note that I am not able to lower this cabinet at this point in time, so changing it is not an option).

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