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Repainting Painted Fence - advice on prep, color & product choice

18 days ago
last modified: 18 days ago

I was planning on replacing our fences next year. The front one especially looks terrible but budgets are what they are, it was further down the priority list. Our neighbors don't really care, so I was willing to live with it. However, my husband (who is subject to impulsive fits of action) has decided to have the front fence painted NOW. I can't dissuade him from this. I'm torn, because I don't want to go too expensive, because IMO it STILL should be replaced within a few years - but I don't want to go too cheap either, as it needs to look decent until that point.

The fence was originally put up by the people we bought the house from. They were notoriously cheap and DIY'd a lot of things - some well, some not so much. It was a mix of treated and untreated boards. We've removed as much of the rotted bits as possible (without tearing apart the whole thing) and replaced them. I suspect there are untreated boards still in the mix. I don't know what products they did or did not use.

Prep - I know we need to scrape off the loose or lifting bits, but do we need to sand the whole thing?

Primer - Do we need one, or is the pre-existing paint sufficient?

Paint Formula - There are several good latex paints from varying manufacturers that I see on the internet. Is one particular product better for my situation? We plan on buying 5 gallon buckets for the sprayer. The fence is 160' long by 6' tall, so this won't be inexpensive.

Paint Color - What would you suggest? I'm not sure I like the tone of the red-orange that was there. The house is dark gray (see image). I'm not interested in matching the door as that yellow door will be changed out soon. I can't decide if I should stay in the orange family or go a different direction for the fence. I'd love to do a red or bright orange door - like the yellow, a pop of color against the gray - but don't know what fence color would coordinate best. BTW the house looks a bit brownish gray here but it is not; it's more of a medium-dark charcoal gray.

Google photo blurry. Recent front photos were unfortunately taken in shadow. Reverse photos were taken in direct sun.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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