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3 months ago

Two weeks ago I posted here that after five decades of sunbathing, I went to a dermatologist last year and checked out fine. Well, my luck ran out this year. The doctor checked me out from head to toe even running her hands thru my hair and from all the age spots, circled in on three on my face. She froze one and biopsied two. After playing telephone tag for two days, today I got the results. The cheek biopsy is okay, it might turn pre-cancerous and will be frozen off, but the nose one is skin cancer probably squamous. GREAT, not. I sunbathed in a bikini so every inch of my body was exposed except two small areas and yet I get this under the tip of my nose. Coincidentally my husband had MOHs surgery on his chin yesterday and arrived home with 1/4th of his face covered in a bandage. His was squamous and he was told not to remove it for three days. Pre covid, he had one removed from the side of his nose and it was not pretty. When I talked to the doctor's assistant today, she could tell I was freaking out so she set me up with a consult with the surgeon at the end of the month. Just touch the tip of your nose and this is underneath that. I know I will be disfigured, how could I not be? How can this be covered with a bandage? How can I breathe and blow my nose? Has anyone had anything like this?

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