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tipping a cleaning service

7 months ago

this service will consist of 3 ladies. because of my bad back issues that have plagued me since june, i have been unable to clean like i normally would so there is great dane slobber here and there and all of the window tracks have built up grunge in them.

they will be deep cleaning my living room, kitchen (cabinets/appliances), room addition and master bedroom. i do keep both bathrooms sparkling no matter how much pain i'm in so they won't have to do those rooms. i may ask that picture glass on the living room walls be cleaned. i also have 2 other rooms that i keep closed off so they stay clean since the dogs aren't allowed in either.

this service charges $50/hour, per person. so, $150/hour. she said she doesn't think it will take more than a couple of hours since there will be 3 of them. so assuming the charge will be $300, give or take, how much would a typical tip be?

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