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Shopping the resell shop on half price day

Every Wednesday the local SA store has half price on clothing. I used to do a lot of thrift shopping some years ago, but not so much in the last few years.

I started going in on half price day just for amusment and I have bought a handful of better quality things that I found. But, only a few.

Yesterday as I was waiting in the long line for couple of things, and wondering if the couple of bucks difference was worth the long line, I began to talk to others around me . Both the lady in front and the lady in back of me were buying clothes to resell on a website called "poshmark".

One lady gushed over the couple of itmes that she claimed were originally selling for a high price when new and she was looking up the current resell value on a refernce site. I asked her what she hoped to sell it for and it was a high price, also.

The lady behind me was a young lady and she had a big bag like an Ikea bag that was full. She was doing the same thing! I saw her going through the racks with an efficient and targeted attention so that she flipped through them very quickly and she covered a rack full in short order! She knew exactly what she was looking for. She also was reselling.

It is not as if they are doing something illegal or unethical. They have only as much opportunity to buy these things from the store as does anyone else.

One lady said that she was not so much in it for the profit, but she loved doing it. The other lady was a bit less forthcoming.

I have heard critical talk of the people who do this. Some say that they are unfairly skimming the cream from the top. But, all they are doing is shopping just like anyone else. I think that maybe the one lady thought that I might be negative about it and did not want to be in a position to have to defend herself and that is why she was not as willing to talk about it. But, I dont care. But. the other lady was glad to tall about what she was doing, and I was genuinely curious .

This is not the first time that I have encountered people doing this. The last time I was in line there was a lady who had found an expensive coat and was checking the resell value online and she was going to send it to her daughter who resells these things.

If I have encountered so much of this in my visits to the store, there mush be quite a few doing this. There must be, at any given moment, someone in that line who is planning on reselling.

Everyone has the same opportunity and ability to do the same. No one asks you what you are going to do with the things you buy and it is no ones business.

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