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Before and after.

Jack Owen-Parker
27 days ago

I have always redone my homes, our last house we completely rebuilt it, from the dirt to the roof.
This time, we bought a house that we could move in and live with. Just.
This time, I decided to go out of my comfort zone. Isn't that always the case anyway?
The home we bought had contractor grade floors and carpet. It was also the same color.
I decided to do large classic molding, which intales multiple pieces to make the look. I took a while. I'm still learning to get even better.
We took up the carpet and glued down vinyl. We are still in the process at the moment. I'll have more pictures to come.
I am a Realtor and always take into consideration Resale. I've seen homes nobody buys because the interior was far from what people want.
I had an electrician add some outlets and lights. We painted, added flooring, I built a mudroom out of a dark closet, incased the windows, added wood beams, added molding around the entry ways, and am in the process of building out a small wine room. I just finished putting the rock on the wall and over grouted it.
And much more.
Here is my first post. It took a while for the molding. Actually I really enjoy doing it.

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