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Converting a deep alcove into less-deep alcove

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I have this unusual alcove in my living room on the upper-right of the fireplace. The dimensions are 45"H x 46"W x 26"D:

My goal is to turn this into a built-in bookcase.

As a first step I am thinking about installing a false wall about halfway in (exact depth TBD) as it's excessively deep today. My idea is to install slats into the sides along each edge (using drywall anchors for strength) forming a square shape which I can then attach a piece of plywood to.

Looking for feedback, some questions:

- is it a bad idea to decrease the amount of space available there in a "permanent" way like this?

- do you foresee any risks of having an empty space back there? I can't see why there would be bugs or mold issues

- any suggestions on how to improve the approach?

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