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Dressing area/alcove help

12 years ago

This might end up being a 2 part discussion...but here goes.

We've been living in this house for over 10 years and still don't know what to do with this area. We have a fairly nice sized master bedroom - 13x22 which leads into this dressing area alcove. Off this alcove is a walk-in closet on the right and a small bathroom off the left. There is also a linen closet on the left wall just to the left of the bathroom door. Here are 2 pictures of the area - one is the view while standing at the doorway of the area, the other is closer. The countertop (and therefore the alcove) is 6' wide.

Distance view:

Closer view:

Here are the issues:

There is baseboard heating along the floor beneath the counter area.

The existing drawers are barely 1.5 inches deep and are fairly useless.

We are undecided if we should incorporate this area and make a somewhat larger master bath. Currently, there is a 30" wide vanity and an OK size stall shower. While it's an OK bathroom, I could definitely see future buyers complaining that it doesn't have 2 sinks or whatever else they are likely to complain about according to HgTV. This bathroom had been redone just over 7 years ago and is still in good condition. The potential incorporation of the bathroom with the alcove will most likely be the Part Deux of the discussion.

I first would like to concentrate on revamping just the alcove without considering the bathroom remodel to see if that improves the use of the area.

One of the considerations is to have 2 24" drawer base cabinets made which don't extend all the way back to the wall so that the baseboard heat can sort of continue to function. The depth of that counter area could extend to almost 40" deep without impacting any closet or bathroom doors.

On top of those cabs I would like to have granite or I actually have a piece of Silestone which could be refabbed to fit. I probably would have to have some sort of steel bars installed to support the center section which has no cab. The chair which you see in the picture is one of a set of 3 which we inherited from my MIL. They are at least 40 years old. Using the cabinetry like this would make it look like a vanity with at least some decent storage. The mirror would be replaced with an attractively framed mirror.

Also to be decided is whether to add upper cabs which would sit on the countertop.

We had thought of putting a window in this area instead of the mirror - the width of the area is only 6 feet wide and couldn't support 2 windows and a mirror to keep symmetricallity(!) The nearest neighbor's house is at least 300 feet away, but I would still need some sort of window covering during nighttime hours. Putting in a window might actually make this area even less useful than it is now.

I would welcome any and all questions or suggestions and certainly would love to see any pictures of areas similar to this one.


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