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Help with best finish for Tongue & Groove Pine Ceiling... please.

Mark Rainbolt
4 months ago

We're installing Tongue & Groove Pine for a large vaulted interior ceiling (900 Sq. ft. ) and I expected the process of finishing it to be straight forward, if not down-right simple. Boy was I wrong. I can't seem to nail down a single thing about 1) adding a little warmth to the color, or 2) choosing the right product for the final finish. It seems everywhere I turn, there's a reason not to use this product or that process. I need some advice.

I want to spray this T&G because there's so much of it. I want it to come out a little warmer than it's raw state, and I want it to be color-fast and resistant to greying due to sunlight, since the room has lots of windows.

Stain would be good to achieve the color but pine is hard to stain without several extra steps. Spar Urethane also sounds good but does it hold the color, or grow darker over time? Polyurethanes might be good, but are totally clear so the color will be too light. Wood oils might be great but doesn't it need to be sealed? Even a "natural color" deck stain might be a good choice, but no one is doing that inside, are they?

I saw a YouTube video where a guy was spraying his ceiling planks exactly this way with great results, but I can't get an answer about exactly what he used to spray his planks with prior to installation.


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