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All about a Princess Tree (Paulownia)

I have this interesting tree growing wild, which was identified as a Paulownia (Princess Tree) in the Name That Plant subforum:

I've never seen this tree before, so I have no idea how it came up wild! Unless they look totally different when they're mature.

I'm finding a lot of varieties of the Paulownia, so I'm not sure what to expect from an adult tree. Any input on what this might look like in 10 years, if I leave it be?

I found this pic, and I know I've never seen that locally! LOL It would stand out.

If that's what I should expect in 10 years... would it be normal (a good idea, even) to cut it down every year so that the regrowth stays at about 10'? Then I could use it as a backdrop for a Datura bed (self seeding annuals) with similar leaves.

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