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Hardscape design decisions - need advice

7 months ago

Seeking advice from all you smart people with more experience in this area! We’re updating the front door sidewalk which is at back side of the house (photos attached). The house is painted grey (SW Peppercorn) Hardiplank with original flagstone foundation. The pebble-concrete sidewalk and flagstone pavers will be replaced with large cement pavers surrounded by stones… (inspiration photo attached). All current plants being removed for a more modern “less is more” vibe and easier to maintain. Need advice for two areas:

  1. What to replace the low timber retaining wall? Thinking about stone, but needs to work with the house foundation.
  2. The timber wall wood steps will be replaced with stone slabs leading to a new backyard patio. porcelain or Belgard, other?, … not sure what is best to complement other hardscape design decisions.

TIA for any advice and/or recommendations you can share!! :)


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