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Am I seeing more Tall Coarse Fescue than what really exists?

Jess Barrett
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago


For some reason this year all of a sudden I have a ton of tall/coarse fescue. In some spots it is just what appears to be like one strand of the crap. I contacted some lawn services and was told that really the only way to get rid of it is to pull it or kill it with a non-selective spray. What makes this stuff break out especially when the rest of the yard is pretty healthy and plush. All of summer I've been trying to pull as much of it as i can by hand but I just can't seem to keep up plus I heard the roots can be super long so even pulling it may not be a good way to go because I may not be getting the roots. So I started spraying the areas but I want to make sure Im not killing more than I need to as now any time I see anything with a wide blade I'm so paranoid that it's the tall coarse fescue that I'm worried that I'm killing or wasting hours of time pulling more than I should or a different type of grass?

Does this grass always grow in bunches or what is the best way to confirm that areas are indeed tall coarse fescue. I would like to kill as much as I can before going into winter so I can hopefully start spring with the reseeding.

I have also included a picture of the grass seed I've used and want to make sure I'm not selecting a mix that may be part of the issue.....? Oh and a picture of what i think may be yellow nutsedge, oh and a picture of what I think is creeping bent grass as well but also looking for confirmation on.

Thanks in advance!

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