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Q: Ideas for surfeit of Powdered Milk — over Best Used By date

2 months ago

Perhaps people here have some ideas.

I have a LOT of dry powdered milk (low fat, I guess it always is, or ”fat free”?). Most is in UN-Openened outer bags with unopened packets inside. I also have a couple of bags where the larger container outer bag is opened, but the individual pouches of dried milk are intact. I belive most of this powdered milk is about a year beyond the ”best if used by” date. It is still good, IMO. It has been kept in a cool-cold (55 deg to 65 Deg F) dry cellar on a shelf.

I do not use or drink this sort of milk, but if I were a parent with little cash and kids, I would not hesitate to feed it to them — soup addition, cereal, chocolate milk, whatever.

Because there is likely a good deal of misconception about ”best if used by” and ”experation” dates, I am thinking that a food bank/pantry would toss it.

I could feed it (as thick milk) to our local opossums, but we have decided not to feed them any longer because we don’t want raccoons or coyote to hang around. We have no pets.

Any ideas?

I might use it if others would not be likely to want it AND if I can come up with something to make with it besides milk to drink.

Powdered milk biscuits? (Prairie Home Companion)

I could toss it (I have a lot) or ?compost it or wait until next summer’s powdery mildew outbreak on phlox and zucchini, but there must be a better use.


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