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Thinning the (Cookbook) Herd

John Liu
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We have too many books. Younger me would have said there’s no such thing, but now me says when books are filling every case, stacked on every horizontal surface, piled on the floor, and boxed in the basement, that is too many.

Among the excess are - gasp - cookbooks. Yes, it’s come to that.

DD and I decided to do this via a Little Free Library. You know, the cute little cabinets people put outside their house and stock with books, for people to browse and take and enjoy. We went to the recycling center, found an old kitchen upper cabinet, built a roof from leftover range hood ducting, and DD painted the outside with book covers. She then got carried away and designed a logo, printed bookmarks, carved a stamp for the books, decorated the shelves, and made an Instagram page @takeaway_books because that’s what kids do today. I dug a hole, sank a 4x4 post, attached a shelf, and we screwed the LFL to that. It is nestled in shrubbery on the street fronting our house, where it should get plenty of foot traffic, feet that will hopefully leave a little bit heavier with books.

I figure that in a year, we’ll have made a dent in our book overpopulation problem.

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