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Bona drifast on red oak-color help

2 months ago

Hello. I am having a very hard time chosing a Bona drifast stain color for my soon to be refinished red oak floors. My goal is to achieve a unified light brown color throughout my open concept home. Don't want to mix stains or have grey/ash tones in the stain. Ideas about colors to sample? I did manage to see a home that was refinished with Provincial. It's beautiful but a bit darker than I want

Currently, I have two different types of natural red oak hardwood flooring on the lower level. ( one was purchased pre-finished, the other was put in by the builder) Now I am adding hardwood to the kitchen. Everything is being sanded down and refinished. I am adding a stain rather than going natural because I think I am more like to achieve a unified look that way.

Right now all I have is a sample deck of Bona Drifast on wood chips. I hope to get some quart sized colors to play around and use on extra floor planks I have stored away

Thanks for your advice!


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