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Window Treatment Help

Erica Bream
2 months ago

Hey everyone! I’m having trouble deciding on window treatments for our main bedroom. The walls are painted BM Boothbay Gray and the trim is BM Templeton Gray. I have two main questions:

  1. Shades or curtains? - I would prefer curtains, but two of the windows are so close to the edge of the wall. Also, although I do plan to change out the dressers, we will still need some type of clothing storage on that wall. So maybe shades would be a better solution?

  2. Color - The walls and trim are so dark, I’m not sure what color (or maybe pattern?) to go with. Maybe something like this in the “white carbon” windowpane pattern? But maybe white would be too jarring?

Thanks for your help!

(Please disregard laundry and general mess! Also, those are currently paper shades on the windows. You can see that I really need help!)

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