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What is ailing our Heirloom tomatoes? Rotting before ripening!!!

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are in Zone 5, Toronto, Canada. Had a lovely crop of tomatoes until about three weeks ago when I noticed some spots on some, blaming it first on the tomato hornworms that we found and eliminated. Then some tomatoes started falling off the plants before being ripe. I placed them in the house near the window, they are getting redder but the damage is just worsening. A nearby lady told me this morning she ripped out and dumped most of her tomatoes and plants because of a blight. So far our cherry tomatoes are perfect, untouched...

We had a rather wet summer this year . The ripening process took very long.

Question 1) : what can I do to rescue some of the still unripe tomatoes ?

Question 2) Is there something I can do next year to prevent this from happening again?

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