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Help - need color advice for shutters/front door.

2 months ago

I think I'm overthinking my choices (too many) here but there are not too many exterior photos of houses painted BM Revere Pewter with BM white dove trim. I'm in need a good color combo for our south facing brick/wood house and I'm debating whether to have more or less contrast in the shutter color with the wall (see Kendall Charcoal) or slight contrast? Also, should i do a pop of color on front door or stay consistant with same shutter color and door?

I'm open to all suggestions (greenish gray perhaps?), except to remove shutters, which are staying for now! Original shutter color - dark evergreen, almost black- but ready for an update. Also, window boxes will be repainted white dove and replaced.

Does anyone have experience with any of these colors? If so, please share!

Thanks in advance.

All paint colors below are BM colors.

current samples (l) chelsea gray (rt) Kendall Charcoal

Revere Pewter (body)

White Dove (trim/siding)

Possible Shutter colors:

Chelsea Gray

Rockport Gray


Possible Door:

Brewster Gray

Templeton Gray


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