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A funny/not so funny thing happened on my way to the Lady's room

2 months ago

Backstory. Approximately 10 years ago when DS, DIL & grands were living here while their house was being built, we gave them the master bedroom with it's own bath because it's big enough to give the little family their own privacy.

One day DS came into my office & said the bedroom is flooded. They turned off the water meter to the whole house, and thankfully DIL's BIL owns his own plumbing company and was here in 30 min.

Meanwhile, the guys ripped up the w to w carpet in the room because it was saturated. The plumber had to cut out a decent size hole in the wall under the bathroom sink where the leak was. All was fixed, floors dried, but the hole is still there. I didn't have the energy to call someone to patch it, no one could see it either & the inside of the hole is surrounded by four walls & ceiling. No creepy crawlies could come in.

After they moved out DH & I discussed replacing the carpet but if we did that we'd have to replace the carpet in the other bedrooms, which is old but in great shape. My office now has DH's wall to wall metal filing cabinets, two desks..he has his office in another room, & super heavy chest of drawers. I started lol and told DH since our house will go to the kids anyway, let them put in new carpet or wood floors. Can't see the bedrooms unless you were to walk down the hall. Hallway has wood floors. He agreed and we laughed merrily along.

After it happened I ordered a large area rug that goes halfway under the bed to the drawers, and put a matching runners next to the bed.

Boy was I right! Last Monday morning I woke up early, took a 30 min. nap around 9am, got up to go to the bathroom and the first thing I saw was the cat's bowl of water and I thought she spilled it everywhere. It sits on the concrete and the area rug is right next to it. I stepped on it and slosh slosh slosh! Full of water. I went to the bathroom and when I got there I heard a hissing sound, I looked under the cabinet and got sprayed in the face.

I ran and screamed to DH to turn the meter off which is next to the side of the road, but he wanted to see the flood first so I raised my voice telling him to just turn the meter off! Men.

Called the plumbers we usually use and they were on their way. What do you know, they were able to access not one, but two leaks from the big hole in the wall! lol Different area, but close to the first leak.


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