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Lighting choice in bathroom - pendants or wall sconces?

12 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

Our new home has a hall bath with back to back 70s style vanities, followed by a pocket door and a toilet and shower room. We have had one vanity removed and a laundry area built in on the right side, and will keep the other vanity and counter/sink and change out the knobs and lighting. The lighting on that side will be the primary source of light for that room. Note in the photo that the sink is pretty snug against the right wall. Dimensions are 64" long by 85" wide, wall to wall. The entry into the bath does not (yet) have a door and exits into the central hall with a bedroom on each side. Since this bath will be infrequently used and the bathroom off the primary suite is obscenely large, we will live with its modest size and finishes, at least for a while.

So the question is lighting: does it make sense to bring the lighting down to face level, or is it too cramped? If so, what do you think of pendants vs wall sconces?

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