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Closet Configuration Chaos…

10 months ago

Hello Houzzers.

My contractor needs me to give him final configuration requests for all closets in our new addition ASAP. We have 4 Kid Bedrooms—each with 24-inch Deep Reach-In closet. 7yo Boy has 4-Ft Wide, 10yo Boy has 6-Ft Wide, 12yo Girl has 10-Feet Wide (2 sets of Double Doors) and 14yo Girl has 12-Feet Wide (2 sets Double Doors). The girls have 9-Ft High vaulted ceilings so they have ginormous 8-Ft High closet Doors. Any suggestions when planning?? I want to avoid loose shelves as kids just toss things when reaching for stuff and it becomes cluttered mess. For the girls, I want no dressers in the actual room and to keep them in closet only (my kids fill every empty horizontal surface they see with clutter so I’d like to limit that).

Please see pic for sample configurations from my contractor.


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