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The only closet on the main floor was removed accidentally. Hows this?

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During the fire restoration demo of my rental a small closet next to the front door was mistaken taken out. It seemed to really open up the small living space so I did not replace it. It is just a 13" deep nook now. The plan was always to add a small storage table for keys/phone/etc and some coat hooks. My cabinet guy says the place is too nice to have open coats hanging and wants to add a cabinet door over the the coat hooks with a mirror on the inside of the door for checking your appearance after pulling your coat out. This is southern California so the coats are lightweight and will fit fine in a 40" cabinet.

I mocked up what this might look like below and added a mirror between the two cabinets as well. The ceiling is 10 feet tall so the scale might throw you off a little... so I added a figure to help you picture it.

What do you think of this plan? There is no closet on the main floor otherwise.

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