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Need help with bathroom remodel and jetted tub configuration issue!!

6 years ago

I currently have a jetted tub installed in my bathroom. I use it occasionally and I think it looks really fancy, so I am trying to find a way to make it stay in the bathroom remodel I plan to do. The bathroom currently has a tiny shower (pre-fab 36" by 36" with a corner opening).

I want to knock out the closet behind the shower and expand it into a nice big walk-in shower. This would seem like a really simple especially since there is already another closet in that room... however there is an access panel in that closet to a blower/heater for the tub.

The jetted tub surround also has a front panel that is easily removed and gives access to other plumbing, pumps, etc for the jacuzzi. This is what you can see on the side of the tub with the blower in question.

Question 1 : Do I need to leave the closet access to this blower or should I be able to build the shower wall there (as long I leave the front access panel available)?

Question 2: Is it feasible to have the blower moved without impacting the operation of the tub?

Thanks for the help!!!

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