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Fast-growing container plant to give shade to south-facing balcony

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Getting settled into a new apartment, and it's time to get the outside space sorted so we have something other than the building opposite to look at. I have a small (1x5m) balcony, fully south facing — it gets full blazing sun all day, complete heat-trap, concrete walls etc.

To give anything other than cactus a chance out there, I want to get something in there to quickly achieve a bit of height and create shade. Only idea I've had so far is trailing a Passionfruit up a trellis then training it across wires down the length of the balcony — I don't think that will give the kind of cover I'll need for a couple of years at least though.

Any other suggestions for additions that can help to give a bit of additional shade to the space? Other than a trellis, I'd like to avoid structural solutions if possible (so no awnings, screens etc). I'd love to get some trees out there but those would be too slow-growing to give shade any time soon

EDIT: Zone 10

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