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Black barley recipes…

10 months ago

Ok I like barley fine. I have used it in soups, salads and in a sorta risotto when I have a plethora of wild mushrooms. I have also used it as a breakfast cereal. My favorite use is in salads because it doesn’t seem to dissolve into starchy mush like rice or pasta. That said I don’t eat it that often…

So my mom and I were gifted a huge bag of Maine Grains (local mill) black barley. My mom has a stuffed pantry and was overwhelmed by the very thought of it. Plus the same gifter filled her freezer with as yet unidentified foods. So I left her with two quart jars full - which is about 1.5 quart jars more than she wanted. I plan on giving some to friends. But I will still have a lot of barley to experiment with.. Any recipe suggestions appreciated.

Today I made a barley and bean salad with mix of my end of summer garden veggies - green beans, peppers, onions, cucumbers. Lots of dill, parsley and scallions and lemon juice. Brough some to my sister and mom to give them some idea about how to use.

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