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Late August and Sept. Reblooms

3 months ago

I had a few seedlings and a registered daylily blooming in the past week. Young rabbits ate the rebloom scapes coming on Jewel of Tavares and Ice Cream Emperor. It's extremely dry now. I'm hoping for rain later this week. My husband has been in the hospital, and I haven't been able to water anything except a few pots.

White Tooth X Skater 2R rebloomed at the beginning of August and now has another rebloom scape going. It's rebloomed now for three seasons.

Blazing Saddles X Amethyst Prism is reblooming. The first rebloom flower opened as a poly. As you can see, crabgrass has invaded several of my beds. I'm working on cleaning it out right now.

Grandma's Smile X Dearest Valentine turned really pale after the week of hundred degree temps.

Here's what it looked like when temps were cooler and it was hydrated.

Sensational Heart blazes on with rebloom.


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