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Are we all ignoring bulbs?

3 months ago

Here we are, in September with bulb catalogues having been out for months and not a sniff of a post on here or on 'bulbs'. I always considered bulbs to be the easy-peasy, sure-fire gardener's friends and although I am drastically cutting back on my orders (because the kitchen floor is minging and HAS to be dealt with)...but I still have a coupla hundred or so on order, including another go-round with spendy eremurus. Have also drastically changed the scope of my (ahem) mini-meadow and decided on a spring 'flowering mead' with much earlier strimmer action after the anemones have gone over, so added another 100 'Shogun tulips and coupla hundred small narcissus. And some ornithogalum (dubium) for the greenhouse. And maybe add another 200 species tulips on my daughter's order in the next week or so if I am not too rocked back by the kitchen costs.

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