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Big ignorant question-move all fixtures around in bath?

15 years ago

I get the impression that moving the location of everything in a bathroom is just not really doable, even if your willing to put up a fair amount(but not crazy) of money.

In existing small to moderate size homes it seems there are general layouts;

long and linear - where if your lucky the toilet is on the wall opposite the tub which allows for easy access. Often these are associated with ranch style homes,


boxy - where the toilet is parked right next to the tub AND on the same end of the tub fixtures so your constantly leaning over and fighting the toilet to turn the shower on before you get in. Often in cape cods or one and half's.

I really dislike that, but cape cods are prevalent here in my price range.

So....assuming you had some room to rearrange things, - is it really that hard to strip out the bathroom to the studs and move the plumbing around to rearrange things? Why is it so hard? Because of bends in pipes cause issues?


could you at least move the tub fixtures to the opposite end from the toilet?

Can you tell I know very little about plumbing:) Don't be too hard on me!

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