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is anyone sewing pants?

claudia valentine
3 months ago

I recently found my self a new favorite pants pattern and I am having a nice time replenishing my worn pants wardrobe.

This new one is such a nice pattern! It is loose, high waisted, and has really nice big usable pockets. The old one also was loose and with nice roomy legs and big usable pockets. But this is nice to have bit of a change in style.

This is such a nicely put together pattern with lots of hidden fit in teh cut . It was fun to make a pattern for the first time and have it turn out so nice. It is a fun and and easy sew using some old school sewing tech.

It has a wide loose leg version and it has a tapered version.

I keep my sewing to just a few things now, but I am so glad to have the things that I sew, especially my pants.

I would urge any of you with just basic sewing skills to give it a try. A good basic pattern and a few old school sewing techniques is good. It wont replace your jeans. But, maybe. I made a pair in lightweight denim and they are made to roll up at the ankle and they are what I wear as my denim. I really like them!

These will be nice in lightweight cotton, light denim, linen, rayon blend or light wool. Just try to find anything like this at a store! unlikely! You will pay for good fabric, too. So it is good to make a trial one from something else. Once you get the fit all down, you just use the same pattern and tweak it .It makes sewing so much more rewarding when each pair that you make is satisfying.

It is part of my idea of keeping it simple.

Now I need a blouse or top that gives me what this pants pattern give me . Still searching for that . I did manage to find some woven cotton shirts on the clearance rack at Kohls the other day. They had three pretty colors, the fit was right and they were on sale for a great price . So, I bought three of them and plan to work them into a basic and simple wardrobe.

I was at the county fair last week and always love the home arts the best. This year I noticed that garment sewing was a small catagory. Most of it was needlepoint, quilts, afghans, knitting, and some crafts. Even the 4H kids didnt have much to show for sewing.

I know it is hard to get good fabric. That is one reasons that I keep it simple.

You dont need a serger and you dont need a top of the line machine to make a nicely styled pair of loose pants with a few lines of stitching detail. And, believe it or not , I actually found a suitable fabric at Walmart! for about $5/yard. I just got lucky.

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