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Will fountain become mosquito factory if turns off at night?

Esther-B, Zone 7a
3 months ago

I just set up a fountain made from salvaged galvanized tubs and a watering can. It is powered by a solar pump to pull water from the tub on the bottom, up to the watering can on top, so it can overflow the can, fill and then spill over the middle galvanized tub, back into the tub on the ground. I will take pics tomorrow to post, just too much to do today. My solar pump does not have a battery backup, so it stops when the sun goes down. Will the tub become a mosquito factory overnight, or will the next day's water movement prevent any eggs from hatching? Or do I need to add mosquito dunks to the water? I wanted the birds to be able to splash and drink as well as enjoy this charming water feature.

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