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Feeding Dogs and Snakes and Rats, Oh My

John Liu
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We were in the Bay Area, house and dog sitting for our friends during their annual trip to visit her mother in France. They spend a few weeks on the island of Noirmoutier en l‘Ile which sounds lovely, and I get a working vacation near my old haunts in Berkeley, which is lovely.

I felt especially smug setting off on this trip, because I was bringing version three of Tetrapod. You may recall that I travel with a multi monitor workstation, which allows me to work when I travel, which allows me to afford to travel. Sometimes it is just two 17” monitors plus a laptop, as set up here in the bathroom of a Paris AirBnB.

Normally, though, I need more monitors, hence Tetrapod the quad 21” monitor traveling office. Version 1 required a very heavy rolling hardshell case, well over 70 lb and impractical for air travel. Version 2, which I chuffed about in the second post of this thread

used homemade monitor bases to fit in a still-heavy shoulder bag that can just barely be carried on flights. Unfortunately, I learned on that trip that I can’t carry as much weight as perhaps I once could and that monitors eventually get broken in soft bags.

So I found an old aluminum equipment case and made version 3, with the most minimalist monitor bases yet.

As a result, all this

fits in this

with so much room to spare that I’m planning to cut and reweld the case down to carry-on dimensions (just).

Enough about that, the non-geeks are grumbling. Let’s move on.

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