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FOTESS JULY SWAP: “Our Neighborhood Lemonade Stand”

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

FOTESS JULY SWAP: “Our Neighborhood Lemonade Stand”

FOTESS swaps are for FOTESS members only. If you might want to join in on future swaps, contact me (Jeanne) to find out about membership. Obviously there is no cost to join the group, but we do ask that you join in on the swaps on a somewhat regular basis. We try to keep the postage costs manageable but we all know how costs are these days. Sometimes it will just be postage for a greeting card or occasionally a bit more.

Think hot weather and memories of the past. Perhaps you had a lemonade stand or a Kool-Aid stand as a child? It sure was fun. So we will have the theme of lemons for the month of July. Lemons of some sort for prizes, for games, and lemon related items to be included in the swap.

I'm posting this a bit early but sign ups will continue until July 7. I will match up partners the next day. Please mail your swap to your partner by July 14th.

What to Send: A small package (can be a padded envelope or box) with the following:
1. A card or notecard with a lemon in the picture or theme. You can even just write something like “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade” on the front of your folded paper and go with that!'
2. Two recipes that include lemons or lemon flavoring. If you have made the recipe, tell us why you like it. (I love lemon used in cooking and baking!)
3. Two enclosures in addition to the card and recipes: these 2 items can be a packet of seeds that include the word lemon (like lemon thyme, lemongrass), a dish cloth or potholder with lemon in the design, a kitchen tool that allows for slicing or removing seeds from a lemon, tea with lemon, a small pack of lemon candy, so whatever you think of that's LEMON.

Any FOTESS members who want to join in the play the games, please join in. You do not need to be signing up for the swap in order to participate in the games.

Can you tell I have LEMONADE excitement for July? Yes, I will be signing up!

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