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Please help me pick paint-Dining Room Edition.

Diana K
5 months ago

A spin off of the discussion Please help me pick paint for my dinning room.


  • The living room will be painted Sherwin Williams' Big Dipper. Final Decision.
  • The kitchen is not being touched.
  • I am not getting a rug for this area.
  • I am not getting a different table.
  • All paint colors to be Sherwin Williams as that's what's accessible where I live.
  • The window with the blue paint splotches face west, the other faces north. This room gets a decent amount of sun from the living room.

More facts:

  • The trim will be repainted a white color. No I am not open to others.
  • The other area attached is the entry that I will be making a separate post for.
  • I do want the built in painted.

I was thinking a yellow? Obviously from the other post, I like bold colors. Please excuse my mess.

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