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How to handle remodel “savings” with contractor?

3 months ago

How are cost cutting changes handled in a remodel contract? First, my contractor has been great and I plan to ask - just trying to go in with all my information. We have a contract price that included the pricing for all materials and expected labor - but as with any project, we’ve made changes along the way. Many of which - in theory - should reduce costs. For example, we priced out 3 new windows in the master bedroom in the original pricing and ended up only needing to replace one. I ended up keeping the original doorway and door in the laundry instead of building out the new pocket door. And when the tile we had selected was back ordered, I found an alternative that ended up being $2 a square foot cheaper. I don’t want to nickel and dime at all…and maybe the “extras” that get added along the way will offset any savings, but how is this typically handled? Are there reconciliations throughout a contract to measure actuals vs. estimates? There is a lot of information of change orders that add to pricing, very little on change orders that cost less.

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