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Beauty Floof! Skincare.

4 months ago

I was wasting time on TikTok. When across my For You Page came across a video that a young lady posted. She is a freshman at UA. It was a get ready for bed or something with me video. She lives in a sorority house, which is something I know nothing about, and she seems really nice. But what struck me was her skincare routine. Without makeup, this person used something like 6 or 7 products on her face after she washed it. Serums, sprays, creams, lotions. Layer after layer after layer. Her face was beet red after she was done. My first thought was "what would make an 18 year old think she needs all that on her face?" But then I remembered that a dermatologist once recommended to me that retinols should be started in ones teen years for optimal effect. So I do not know. I am no expert. And I do not do much in the way of skincare.

I wash my face and moisturize it twice a day.

A few times a month I throw on a clay mask because I like how it makes my skin feel.

I wear sunscreen if I am gonna be outside for any length of time.

I wear body lotion in the cold, dry months.

And that's it. I do not wear makeup or anything.

What is your "routine?"

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