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Will Accessible Beige work in my space?

3 months ago

Hello! Choosing a paint color for my open concept kitchen/dining/LR. We've chosen Accessible Beige but before we tell the painter, wanted to see if there were any pros out there that may be able to provide some advice if this is a good choice? We don't have the lights installed yet which we KNOW is a big issue when picking paint color, but it is what it is and we need to work with it. We have creamy cabinets which in hindsight was a mistake on my end but there's no turning back. The island is a medium wood tone- still picking out the floor stain. The light in the room gets east facing natural light. I think the grass in the backyard is coming in through the window and the cabinets are reflecting it and looking a bit green, thinking the lights being installed will help with that.

If Accessible Beige does not work, what would? My husband is adamant against going with a white wall (eye roll).

Please be nice. I learned A LOT during this reno and I will NEVER renovate or build again without hiring a designer (TBH I didn't even think of it when I started this reno)! Thanks in advance!

P.S. If you have any suggestions on floor stain colors (Duraseal) or hardware finishes I'll take those too :)

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