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How to make a grey couch work in a beige space?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

So I just got a new couch. Problem is, it looked much more beige/warm in the showroom. Now that I have it home it looks much more grey up against my warm beige walls.

I was initially going for a cream, camel leather with black accents vibe, but it doesnt seem like that will work now with the tone of this couch. I also already have a coffee table and tv stand that look kind of disconnected now with this couch. Any color scheme ideas to tie all these pieces together with throw pillow, throw blankets, rug, art, etc? I am a renter so I cannot change the wall color.

(Also no need to take the christmas decor into account lol). Thank you for any help!

Heres more of the idea I was heading towards before the couch came. Now the camel pillow i have was looking too orange on it:

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