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'Miracle on the Hudson' rose is in trouble... what to do?

3 months ago

I've had a 'Miracle on the Hudson' rose for a half dozen years and it has been tough as nails and a reliable rose ... until this year. Although it has been a weird winter and spring in New England with wild swings in temperatures, I wasn't prepared for the disaster that has emerged. The roses (this one and two Queen Elizabeths) were wrapped in burlap last fall and the roots mulched well. I've done that most winters. But Miracle is anything but a miracle this year and I have no idea what to do. I did only just feed (should have done much earlier) with HollyTone but am wondering if I should cut it way, way back or what to do. It has been so robust up to this year. It is yellowing everywhere and looks just awful. Nothing like previous years. Help! Any advice welcome.

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