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Please help me optimize my living room!

Stanley Johnson
3 months ago

My main dilemma are my coffee table and rug. i was told my coffee table was too small but i really like it. It was purchased from turkey and will be hard to return. Is there any hope in making it workable if I put a plant and some tall brass candles in it?

Also my rug, I love it but worry it’s a bit too similar to my floor. I was spending hours looking for a secondary rug to put underneath kind of like a border. Possibly a burgundy or dark brown for some contrast. But the cost is a bit prohibitive. I have a week left to return my rug, but am a bit worried if I get a larger size it will look awkward once my tv stand comes in (a MCM style that will go where the tv currently is) as it might kiss the edge of it and look off

Eventually I am going to add two end tables in each far end of the couches and one in the middle where they intersect. Also I’m going to hang some art up and add more plants, perhaps a book shelf

in the last picture you can see the far end of the living room, its kind of empty and i will get rid of that bar cart too any thoughts on what i can do with that space would be great

But any help at all would be appreciated. Cheers

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