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Pinks, Patterns and Purples for Thursday

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I guess today is the last comfortable day for awhile. We go into the 90s tomorrow and stay there for awhile.

The Pink Shabang ffo

Blue Swallowtail ffo - It looks like this will be one of the best budded and branched in the garden this season.

Rosie Cotton's Ribbons (Nan's intro) has been blooming for a couple of days now.

Love Is Blue ffo

Bubblegum Delicious ffo

Jurassic Pink x Bubblegum Queen #1 - In the three years I grew Jurassic Pink, I never got a clean bloom. But the baby opened with nearly perfect petals. The first flower ever is 6.5 inches.

Stenciled Infusion x Royal Cypher ffo

Dancing Flamingo X Dearest Valentine ffo

Razor Sharp X Toothy seedling

Gypsy Cats Kid X (SC Night Vision X Razor Sharp) - This is the one I showed a few days ago with the grayed purple petal color caused by low night temps. Here's how it starts out now that night temps are in the high 60s.

Untamed Heart X All Things to All Men


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