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Spatchcocked Chicken on Gas Grill

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I’ve just finished spatchcocking two chickens, marinating them in lemon and herbs and I am going to grill them for company this evening.

I’ve made rotisserie chicken in the barbecue before but never spatchcocked chicken.

Some recipes say to grill the chicken first to crisp up the outside and then move it to the side of the grill where the burners are shut off and let it cook in the heat from the turned on burners. Other recipes say to cook it first in the hot covered barbecue and then finish it up over the turned up burners before letting it rest. And yet others say to keep it the entire time over the turned on burners. Does anyone have a preferred method?

I’m serving it with grilled vegetables-red onions, yellow and orange peppers, zucchini and fresh mushrooms. I’m planning on leaving the vegetables in quite large pieces and grilling them directly on the grill rather than putting them in a grilling basket.

I’m also serving tzatziki sauce and rice.

Anyhow, the chicken…..crisp up the outside before or after cooking?

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