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Memorial Day review: Restaurants, Weather, Crowds, Traffic, etc

4 months ago

How was your Memorial Day weekend? A lot of predictions were made in the news regarding crowded flights and excessive traffic on the highways - were these predictions true for you?

We spend the weekend in Palm Springs/Cathedral City, and we drove out from Los Angeles, leaving at 7 PM Wednesday. My brother Kevin works from home two days a week, and so he chose to work

Thursday and Friday at our house in Cathedral City, and then we could have more time there.

Traffic on Wednesday evening was fairly light, and so it only took us a little over two hours to get there. If we had left earlier in the evening, traffic would have been worse, due to rush hour, but by 7 PM, that was pretty much over.

Weather was quite a bit cooler than normal - in the mid 60s in L.A. and then highs in the low 90s in Palm Springs - barely warm enough for the pool, but I heated it to 86°. The water would have been about 80° without heating.

Traffic in Palm Springs was not bad in Palm Springs, but restaurants were crowded. We wanted to go to the Fisherman's Market Restaurant in PS, but Friday evening there was a long wait to get in, and so we decided to go on Saturday for lunch. However, there was absolutely no available parking in downtown Palm Springs that day, and the multistory parking garage was completely full, with cars circling endlessly looking for nonexistent spots. So we decided to try to go to the sushi restaurant near our house in Cathedral City, only to learn that it is open only for dinner. Since I had already gone to the grocery store to stock up on food for the weekend, we ate at home.

We heard ominous reports about highway traffic predicted for Monday, and so we left at 10:30 AM to go back to L.A., and there was almost no traffic on the highways, except for part of I-10 west of Palm Springs going through Whitewater and Cabazon, due to a wreck that had been cleared before we got there, but there was still residual traffic slowdown. It took us two hours and 15 minutes to get back, which is still pretty fast.

How was the traffic that you had to deal with? Did it meet expectations? Did you go out to restaurants or cook meals yourself? Did you cook anything special?

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